Your Girl Tasha encourages you to be courageous in your AUTHENTICITY while embracing a journey to live Healthy, Wealthy, and Free.

Your Girl Tasha, known to the world as LaTasha Carpenter, was birthed after closing a chapter of her life where a 20 year marriage was ending. While seeking ways to become more stable as a single mom, she embraced the world of entrepreneurship by partnering with Vida Divina (Spanish for Divine Life) Health and Wellness Company and Hosting the Hanging with Your Girl Tasha show on WBGR Entertainment Network. It does not stop there! YGT, as her BAMFAM affectionately calls her, is also the brains behind Body Love BeYouTiful and Sis Lend Me Your Ear. Two platforms focused on building up women and young ladies through group events targeting various topics such as being authentically you, learning self love, and bringing awareness to domestic violence to name a few.

Who Is Your Girl Tasha?

Your Girl Tasha’s extensive product line coupled with her strategic and authentic marketing allowed her to retire at the age of 48 during the 2020 pandemic. In addition, she expanded her reach to virtual and mobile interviews working in association with Zolef Entertainment. Her energy attracts the masses while inspiring others to embrace everyday challenges from a positive view point and to dig deep inside to conquer their fears. Her aspiration is to influence as many people as she can touch and help each desiring person improve their lives physically, spiritually, and financially by sharing her personal life experiences that has led to her continual successful growth.

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