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Hanging with Your Girl Tasha

Hanging with Your Girl Tasha is a mobile interview platform which offers a valuable public service by providing you access to be spotlighted in front of our vast and growing audience.

Your Girl Tasha Speaks

Your Girl Tasha Speaks allows you the opportunity to schedule YGT as a guest speaker where she encourages and inspires others to embrace their Authentic Self!

Partner with Your Girl Tasha

Partner with Your Girl Tasha provides a portable business model giving you the opportunity generating part time and full time income that fits into your current schedule.

Hang with Your Girl Tasha

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Everyone Loves Hanging with Your Girl Tasha and Being a Part of the BAMFAM

"I highly recommend Hanging with Your Girl Tasha. I appeared on this show during my campaign and I feel it gave myself and my campaign a lot of exposure. The interview was well done and the audience response was excellent. The show was fast paced and Tasha, the host, was excellent at keeping the show moving and the conversation lively. I would recommend any individual, candidate, business person, or anyone looking for exposure to interview with YGT."
Bill Doston
Former Candidate, Maryland State Senate
"My name is Brenda Bradley, PHD I am a Certified Health Coach. It gives me great joy  to highly recommend being interviewed on Hanging with Your Girl Tasha hosted by LaTasha Carpenter, I connected with YGT at a local health fair where I noticed her outgoing professional personality, It was then I decided to check out the show and become a guest. I appeared on the show to promote my book The 21-Day Vegan Challenge. The show was absolutely phenomenal. I have appeared on numerous shows but never on one that received high ratings. For anyone looking for exposure, Hanging with Your Girl Tasha, is definitely the way to go!"
Brenda Bradley
PHD Certified Health Coach

Discover the Divine Life

Discover the Divine Life provides access to a full line of premium organic products which provide solutions to your Health and Wellness needs.

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